Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Test

Many disease entities are triggered by what we eat. A healthy gut is key to overall health, what we eat affects not only our digestion but our immunity, our brain, and the general functioning of our bodies. Approaching health at its roots versus waiting to treat a disease, is the future of medicine.

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Food intolerance tests are the first step for preventive personalized medicine.

They are not the same as food allergies. Certain foods can sneakily wrack havoc on our bodies without obvious symptoms and are hard to notice on our own. They just act as silent triggers to multiple health conditions such as autoimmune disease, eczema, leaky gut, depression, bloating, chronic fatigue, and many others.

Cyrex Labs makes the difference when it comes to food sensitivity testing because their tests are highly accurate, consistent, and based on the latest research and development. They test for both IgG and IgA antibodies to 180 foods in cooked and raw form. Many proteins can change with cooking therefore we can respond differently to them.

Cyrex food sensitivity testing helps identify foods that challenge your health before you become sick. Panels we commonly test:

  1. Intestinal Permeability Test (Array 2)(Leaky Gut Syndrome) – a snapshot of your gut health
  2. Wheat/Gluten Protein Reactivity (Array 3)
  3. Gluten Cross-Reactive Foods (Array 4)
  4. Real Word 180 Foods Immune Reactivity (Array 10)
Food Sensitivity Tests
Gluten Protein Reactivity
Food Sensitivity Tests
intestinal antigenic
Intestinal Permeability screen
Gulten Reactivity

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